Be your own interior designer.

Create the home you crave.

Design School with a Difference.

Welcome to the interior design revolution!  If you’ve ever wished for an expert eye to help guide you through the process of creating the home your soul craves then this is your chance.  Because yes, you really CAN do it yourself, if you have some guidance, encouragement and with the help of a few tricks of the trade!

I have created this fabulous, affordable Ecourse that will take you from design-phobe to design aficionado in 6 weeks – helping you to discover your innate interiors style and allowing you to create a home that is as quirky, courageous and individual as you are…even if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body.

What we’ll cover:

We’ll be covering topics such as how to create an interior that gives you joy for years to come, how to avoid making expensive mistakes, how to create a layout that supports the way you want to live, as well as interior styles, patterns, colours, lighting furniture selection and much more.  I’ll also be teaching you excellent free design and floor-planning softwares to make your life a breeze and sharing with you my professional budget planning and project timeline planning tools.

Enrollment for this 6 week Ecourse is currently closed.

To be first to find out when the doors open for registration again leave your details below.   You’ll also receive occasional emails offering tips and tricks to get unstuck and start creating a home interior that makes you feel happy, confident and most importantly truly ‘at home’.
Look forward to getting to know you at the next round!