Need a little help creating the home of your dreams?

My name is Issy and my mission in life is to help you to create a home that both resonates with you at a soul level to help boost your well-being and confidence.

So if you’re looking to funky up your flat or fix your Feng Shui, but you’re stuck at the first hurdle – then you’re in the right place…

Begin creating the home you crave now with my help.

Which do you need help with?

Sara Bobkoff,

I took Issy’s fantastic DIY interior design eCourse and it literally turned this words girl – who thought she did not have a designer’s bone in her body – into a savvy interior decorator who follows the rules of what makes her soul feel at home. It is a fabulous course.   And the best part – I can apply everything I learned on this course to any room in my house. *smile emoticon*