Hi, my name is Issy and I’m a Feng Shui consultant and interior designer ¬†on a mission to help women to create unique, energetically balanced soulful spaces for themselves and their families. ¬†Spaces that will nurture them and in so doing help to improve their well-being, confidence, success and even their relationships too.

I truly believe that our homes are integral to our health, well-being and the abundance we enjoy and, as such, I am on a mission to help women like you to create your own personal sanctuary that will support, enhance and accelerate the valuable inner work that you are doing.

I want to make having a home that is not only beautiful, but you feel connected to and supported by open to everyone.

I want to help you demystify the universal laws that govern creating a supportive, life-enhancing environment as well as to help you to gain design confidence and discover your own innate style.

Are you ready to create the home that you crave?