Feng Shui Challenge: Day 4

Yay – almost there!  Last day tomorrow.  How’s your house feeling?  Noticing anything yet?  It can a a wee while of “results” to show up; but with every change you make you should be able to sense a difference in the energy of your space.  Maybe you’ll start using a room more, it will attract less clutter, you might rest better or have more energy.

Next up we’re going to focus on an area that is super important in this time being holed up together – the family sector.  

Working on this area will bring more peace, harmony and balance to family life.

So, before you start looking at your decor some questions to ask your Is life harmonious or do you seem to be constant bickering with each other? Do you get the support you need from your family or do you find them suffocating? 

Now let’s figure out where your family sector is.  The family sector is the EAST of your home.

How do we figure out where this is?  Well you’re going to need a compass or, more likely, a compass app on your phone.  I don’t have a specific ones to recommend, but there’s plenty of free ones available.  

Next go to the centre of your home which we found yesterday (missed yesterday?  See instructions here) and look at your compass.

Imagine 2 laser beams creating a 45 degree wedge with East in the middle (i.e. from halfway between North East to South East) – your East sector is anything  that falls between those lines.

Now we’re going to assess the area itself, as with the central sector people not spending time there, clutter, dust, dirt, broken objects or objects that convey negative emotions such as guilt, obligation etc are all signs of negative Feng Shui typical of unprocessed emotions.   

So your task for today is to notice what’s in the East of your home, What do you see?

  • How does it feel?  Does it feel vibrant, stagnant, cheerful, dingy?
  • Is it somewhere that you and your family enjoy spending time?
  • Is there clutter?  Is it clean?
  • Is there anything that is broken?
  • How do the furnishings/objects make you feel?  Are they things you love?  Do they make you feel richer or poorer (both literally and metaphorically)  Are they things that “will do for now” or treasured purchases/gifts?
  • What energy do the elements convey?  Are they “friendly” or harsh, are there images that whilst “cool” actually convey dark themes?

The aim is to recognise what is negative that you can improve by fixing, moving, gifting or repurposing and what elements are already good that you can accentuate further.    

In addition to generally taking care of this area, this is a really good area to put pictures of your loved ones in happy times.  

This area also relates to the Spring and Wood element –  so this is a great place to put a plant – especially one that requires so care and attention (so long as you do take care of it!)

And finally, if you’re into crystals, this can be a really good place to put any crystals you favour for harmonious family life

As with the other days, try not to overthink this – just remember the more love, care and attention to put into your home – the more it gives you back. Let this be a time for us to make our homes the loving sanctuary they should be.

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