Feng Shui Challenge: Day 3

Woohoo – it’s Day 3 already. Well done for getting this far!

Today we’re going to get a bit more specific to the current crisis – bolstering your health and well-being sector.

Our homes are a reflection of what is going on inside of us and different areas of our homes relate to different aspects of our lives.  And luckily whatever we do to our homes will have a corresponding affect on our internal landscape too… and let’s face it sometimes it’s easier to tidy/rearrange our house than to deal with an (often long-held) emotional blockage…

So which area of your home relates to your health?  The Centre.

Imagine this as being like your homes’ root chakra.  It is crucial that you are properly grounded and that the Qi (life-force energy) is vibrant and flowing smoothly as any blockages (or excess qi) here will have a knock on impact on any or all of the other sectors.

This area is associated with earth element, which can be represented by yellow, brown and terracotta, low rectangular shapes, matt/earthy textures etc.

How to find your home’s centre?

Maybe you know where this is already or you can intuitively work this out, but if not you you’ll need a scale floorplan of your home.  

Working with a floorplan, you can find found by drawing two diagonal lines from corner to corner. 

If your house is an odd shape, such as having an L-shaped floor plan >>

For small projections or odd shaped elements, such as bay windows, ignore them and draw from the corners of the main part of the building (see example 2)

For larger projections (over half width) then include them by extending imaginary lines to create a square or rectangle shape and proceed to draw the diagonal connecting lines from those imagined corners to find the centre (see example 3). 

Once you know where then centre is then we can start assessing the state of your homes’ current Feng Shui.

Now there are different levels of Feng Shui – it can get extremely technical, detailed and complex – even simple and intuitive changes can be effective too.  Luckily you don’t have to know all of the theory to make a positive impact.

Our homes and all of our possessions hold an emotional and energetic imprint from us and another other previous inhabitants/owners – some good and some bad. 

On a basic level and key theme of Feng shui is to remove as much of the negative to surround ourselves with elements that uplift us and turn our homes into a sacred space that promotes harmony in ourselves.

What are signs that my health sector has room for improvement?

People not spending time there, clutter, dust, dirt, broken objects or objects that convey negative emotions such as guilt, obligation etc are all signs of negative Feng Shui typical of unprocessed emotions. 

So firstly ask yourself what is going on in your (or that of anyone else in your household’s life) relating to that area –  so in this case health and well-being.

Now look at the area in question with an impartial eye:  What do you see?

  • How does it feel?  Does it feel vibrant, stagnant, cheerful, dingy?
  • Is it somewhere that you and your family enjoy spending time?
  • Is there clutter?  Is it clean?
  • Is there anything that is broken?
  • How do the furnishings/objects make you feel?  Are they things you love?  Do they make you feel richer or poorer (both literally and metaphorically)  Are they things that “will do for now” or treasured purchases/gifts?
  • What energy do the elements convey?  Are they “friendly” or harsh, are there images that whilst “cool” actually convey dark themes?
  • Pick 5 things that you know need improvement.
  • Pick 5 elements that you appreciate.

Having a clear out, clean up etc is cathartic whether or not you focus on the underlying source of the trapped emotion.

So your task for today is to notice what’s in the centre of your home and recognise what is negative that you can improve by fixing, moving, gifting or repurposing and what elements are already good that you can accentuate further.   Don’t overthink any of this just try to imagine what a stranger seeing this area might deduce from what is there if they were viewing the house for the first time. 

Maybe you could turn it into a game of “through the keyhole” or playing detective perhaps even roping in the kids…but if they’re anything like mine be prepared to face some brutal honesty!

Look forward to hearing what you discover!

Good luck!

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