Feng Shui Challenge: Day 1

I hope this post finds you and all of your loved ones in good health and suffering from nothing more serious than a case of cabin fever. 

What scary, turbulent and often surreal times we are currently living in. 

On the one hand I cannot believe the Spring equinox been and gone already and yet, in many respects, I cannot believe we aren’t even a quarter of the way through the year. 2020 has so far seemed to pack in more drama than many other years do in a full 12 months!

Of course life is by necessity now on a go slow as we all hunker down in our homes and wait for the storm to pass.  #andràtuttobene  Whilst these necessary steps will hopefully have the intended effect of sparing much pain and suffering, it will undoubtedly throw up challenges for many of us too.

Our homes are a reflection of what is going on inside of us; and this enforced time of introversion is likely to force many of us to confront problem areas that we had been avoiding addressing with all the external distractions we are used to.   

Luckily, “As within, so without” so whatever we do to our homes will have a corresponding affect on our internal landscape too… and let’s face it sometimes it’s easier to tidy/rearrange our house than to deal with an (often long-held) emotional blockage…

So let’s get started….

I actually started a much longer more detailed post focussing on a specific area of your home that relates your health and well-being; but, as helpful as the effects may be, I realised I was actually making it way too complex!

We’ve all got enough to cope with at the moment with everything that’s going on – So let’s start with 1 easy thing you can do today to improve the quality of the Qi (life-force energy) in your home which will have a positive impact on you and anyone else living with you in equal measure…

….hopefully one you might even be able to rope the kids into helping with (if you have any)! I know my littlest one loves any chance to play with water…

In the same way that it’s said that a person’s eyes are the windows to their soul –  so a home’s windows are like its eyes. It’s said that dirty windows can blur your vision of good things coming your way and trap negative energy within the home.

Day 1 challenge: clean and open your windows. 

It’s as simple as that!   

Clean windows let in as much sunlight as possible bringing with it vibrant, healthy qi and letting in fresh air hopefully speaks for itself.   

So even though we may not be able to get out and enjoy the spring sunshine as much as we normally would let’s start this week allowing as much of it’s life-affirming energy into our lives as possible.

Tomorrow we can always try and do something more ambitious, but for today let’s not over-complicate things when simple steps can often be the most effective.

Sending you and yours love & strength in these turbulent times.

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