15 Minute Feng Shui Workout – Part 1

Have broken items lying around your home is a big no, no in terms of Feng Shui.

In the same way that physical clutter is a sign of confusion and indecision, holding onto broken items are a sign of inability to let go, hankering after the past and even low self-esteem  (that last part is circular –  you hang onto it because you feel bad you broke it and you don’t feel you deserve a shiny new one, but then more you see the broken item and the longer it takes you to replace or fix the worse you feel with yourself).

There are those that say that if something breaks (irretrievably) it’s a sign that it is no longer needed in your life. That energy is no longer supposed to be with you and the fact that it has broken is an invitation to let it go.

Of course, in this day and age there is a lot to be said for not just disposing of something and buying new – we have enough landfill already; but be honest with yourself is it fixable and are you actually going to fix it?

If an item has been broken for more than a few months and you haven’t fixed it then you seem to be managing fine without it and maybe it doesn’t need replacing it is a sign of another item you can declutter.  But, if you do really need whatever it is – fix it or replace it as quickly as you can…

Keeping broken items in your house is bad Feng-Shui.

Will something still have bad Feng Shui – even once repaired?  That’s a trickier question and depends on the item – if it is something useful and will continue to be useful once repaired then no.  It continues to retain its purpose.

If, on the other hand, an object is something you have for its aesthetic value then it depends on how beautiful you will find it after the repair.  Like the Japanese art of Kintsugi where broken items are repaired with glue mixed with gold to make them even more beautiful, if once repaired you will cherish the item as much if not more than before then again that will be good Feng Shui.

However, if even after repair the item will not be the same for you or will always remind you of the breakage –  then it’s better to let that energy go.

So today’s the day – let’s take action!

Need help?  Check out the easy info-graphic I have prepared to help you get on your way>>

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