You can be your own interior decorator

There I said it.  I might be doing myself out of a job that statement – but I genuinely believe it’s true!

What I have found over the years, is that most people seem to class themselves as either creative or not – as if it’s a binary thing, and that many people have a very rigid definition of what it is to be creative (i.e. good at drawing, painting, composing music, writing poetry etc).

I genuinely don’t believe that it is true that there are creative and non-creative people – sure you might not be the next Picasso, Damien Hurst or whoever (and nor do I claim to be for the record!), but believe that doesn’t mean you aren’t creative at all.

And I also believe that it doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of creating a home that reflects and inspires you.

You design your reality every day, through you choice of clothes, make-up, hair-styles, food, entertainment the list goes on; and really, with a little practice, confidence and guidance

You can easily extend that to your interior to create a scheme that resonates with you at a soul level, making you feel truly at home!

Also, people think that being an interior designer is all about creativity but actually the good news is that that is just a small part of the job!

A lot of the skills required to be your own interior designer are skills that you probably already have: such as, the ability to research, plan, make informed choices etc.

The “creative” part is actually relatively small component that is easy to learn once you have some guidelines to follow!

So what are you waiting for? 

Don’t let your limiting belief that “you’re just not creative” get in your way.

What steps do you think you could take to bring you a step closer to creating a home you love?

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