The problem with playing it safe with your interior décor

One of the things I find is that people tend to be much more conservative when it comes to interior design choices than they would be when it comes to how they dress, for example.

That’s why this week I want to talk to you about the problem with playing it safe in your interior…

Now don’t get me wrong – it’s perfectly understandable in a way!

We change our outfits daily and can mix and match pieces trying out new combinations if we decided we didn’t like that particular ensemble after all; whereas, with your interior you are likely to live with your design choices for many years to come…

But, if you ask me it’s no wonder so many people feel underwhelmed, bored or even frustrated with their homes!

If I told you could only wear one outfit every single day for the next few years – now imagine picking out the most “safe,” boring items out of your wardrobe…. would that outfit excite you today?

Let alone when you’ve worn it for the 365th day in a row?!

No, of course not!!

I say far better to pick out your favourite items, the ones you absolutely LOVE and put them on every day.

Now, of course your favourite shoes might not necessarily go with your absolute favourite blouse or handbag…

So, fine, if you don’t want to look like dogs dinner then granted you will need to make some compromises!

And, if you’re going to have to wear it for years on end, you probably won’t pick your most cutting edge items either (as they’re likely to be out of fashion again next month)

But that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be packed with personality and reflect your Soulful Signature Style!

That’s why before you start thinking about your design I suggest you take the time out to establish what overarching atmosphere you want to create.

And also equally importantly what unchanging values in yourself you want to reflect.

Once you’ve done both of those two things, then you can make stronger and more confident design choices, knowing that ultimately the finished interior won’t be something you suddenly go off and want to change again tomorrow…

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